Rising from Ashes

Jonathan Boyer comes off looking pretty good in this. In the most unlikely of places – post-genocide Rwanda – redemption rolls in on two wheels. It’s almost a fairy tale: The disgraced cyclist has a chance to make good, his underdog protégé cyclist almost gets the gold medal, cycling teaches life lessons… it would seem corny if it were fiction, but in that case he probably would’ve won the Olympic race…

The Armstrong Lie

Lance has had so many chances to make this right. Or at least to apologize, and make us think that maybe he’s just human, after all. But he keeps blowing it. The overwhelming sentiment one is left with at the end of this documentary is the feeling that Armstrong really has not fully repented, that he still believes somewhere deep inside that he is the one who has been wronged in all of this.

Fascinating and infuriating and ultimately frustrating. It almost makes me want to take some PEDs to see if then I could win some bike races…

The Bicycle Thief

Why has it taken me so long to see this movie? I am a bicycle-racing movie buff, and this film is on many people’s best-of-all-time lists, so it is a natural. And yes, it was very good. Depressing, though, especially if you’ve ever had a bicycle stolen. Still, it has its charms, chief among them the son Bruno. And as with so many great films, this is a morality tale wrapped up in a slice of life story. Father, son, husband, wife, and the joy of eating a good meal. Be good, do good. But unfortunately, life is not always fair.