The Keeper

Is there any such thing as a good Steven Seagal movie? I don’t know why I always think “this one will be different.” But I think they are actually getting worse… What was the budget for this thing, like $10,000.? They seem to spend more on the promo materials, and that’s why I get sucked in.

I recognized absolutely no-one in this thing, and I will soon forget everyone. All of this would be okay, if the fight scenes were well done. Seagal’s aikido is pretty impressive, but more and more his films depend on gunfights. Regardless, most of the fight scenes were not well choreographed or shot, so basically this was a huge waste of time.

One thought on “The Keeper

  1. I can’t disagree that Segals pnerosal life has become a joke but if you watched that entire video and just watched for negative things to post about then I feel bad for you. In that small clip if you couldn’t see there were things Anderson could pick up then you really know nothing about martial arts or MMA in general. Every martial art has something to offer, even a passive style like Aikido. I train Jui-Jitsu and kick boxing myself but Ill say this, Id take an Aikido guy against say a knife wielding mugger over any mma trained fighter. Just because a martial art does not translate as well in to MMA does not make it any less effective. Lets not forget MMA is pretty far from a real fight.

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