Beyond the Black Rainbow

This was twisted and disturbing, atmospheric and well shot in a very minimalist style which included a cameo by a Panton chair. The music also added a great deal to the overall mood and effect. Dr. Nyle was one of the most genuinely creepy characters I’ve seen in a while.

One thought on “Beyond the Black Rainbow

  1. My interpretation: The whole goal of Arboria was to realize some sort of transcendence using hallucinogens and new age religious rituals (pretty boilerplate 1960’s stuff). When that didn’t work, Mercurio kept the drugs and hocus pocus but also threw human experimentation into the mix.
    Basically Murcurio is equal parts Dr. Mengele, Timothy Leary and L. Ron Hubbard.
    Everything we see in the film is shown to us through the filter of Barry Nyle’s LSD soaked brain. All of the bizarro nonsensical imagery is nonsensical because it is being created by Barry’s imagination. It is left up to the viewer to speculate on what is real and what is a hallucination.
    The clue you are given is the creepy baby-faced android is revealed in the final shot of the film to be just a plastic action figure.
    In Summary: Arboria was a real* place and Barry, Mercurio and Elena were real* people, but it is very likely that the entire sci-fi component of the film is just a bad trip.

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