This is a story of incredible chance, which actually doesn’t seem all that unlikely, in our age of ubiquitous social media and video everything. Two twins, separated at birth and raised in different countries, on different continents, find each other on Facebook…

and meet, of course. The two are charmers, and to watch them negotiate a whole new, unexpected side of their lives is great fun.

On the one hand it’s a story of nature vs. nurture, where our genetic component is proven to be undeniably and strongly influential. But the cultural component has its roles too – certainly in terms of human technological culture bringing these two together, but also in how the two come to appreciate and celebrate the things they learn about each other’s adopted cultures as well as the Korean culture into which they were originally born.

But most of all it is about family – that of one’s birth, that in which one is raised, that created by one’s friendships… And in their case, also the one that they come to know about when they returntogether to Korea – full circle – to meet their foster mothers and, hopefully one day, their real mother…

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