X-Rated – The Greatest Adult Movies of All Time

Um, yeah, this felt like it was made for like $10,000. Interesting to get the views today of those who make these “greatest adult movies of all time,” but ultimately not the most exciting doc I’ve ever seen, whatever the subject matter…

What We Do in the Shadows

Fun! What a great concept: Follow a group of vampires around in a faux-documentary. The result is a fresh take on the vampire film. Updating to the present day provides some nice juxtapositions, and without any Blade-style attempts at hipness, this manages to be cool in its effortless comedy…


This is a story of incredible chance, which actually doesn’t seem all that unlikely, in our age of ubiquitous social media and video everything. Two twins, separated at birth and raised in different countries, on different continents, find each other on Facebook…

and meet, of course. The two are charmers, and to watch them negotiate a whole new, unexpected side of their lives is great fun.

On the one hand it’s a story of nature vs. nurture, where our genetic component is proven to be undeniably and strongly influential. But the cultural component has its roles too – certainly in terms of human technological culture bringing these two together, but also in how the two come to appreciate and celebrate the things they learn about each other’s adopted cultures as well as the Korean culture into which they were originally born.

But most of all it is about family – that of one’s birth, that in which one is raised, that created by one’s friendships… And in their case, also the one that they come to know about when they returntogether to Korea – full circle – to meet their foster mothers and, hopefully one day, their real mother…

Citizen Four

Watch. This. Movie.

If you have any interest in protecting your civil liberties, in particular your privacy, it is well worth your while to see this film and to learn how far the government surveillance program has gone and will continue to go.

Edward Snowden is a brave man, and a man of principle. Whatever “damage” you may think he has done in exposing government secrets, however you may think of him as a “traitor,” there is no denying that his actions have exposed a vast government conspiracy. It is a conspiracy of all the major spy groups – the NSA, the CIA, the FBI, that is taking this country ever closer to a totalitarian regime in which individual rights will cease to exist.

Do you care?

Somm: Into the Bottle

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more interesting film about wine. There’s about 2000 years of vinicultural history packed into these 90 minutes. If you don’t know much about wine, and want to know what all the fuss is about, this is your film. If you are already knowledgable, you’ll enjoy it all the more. Pour yourself a glass, and watch it.

Noma: My Perfect Storm

Having had a meal at Noma, I was of course intrigued to see this. It’s interesting to learn about the personalities and lives of the chefs whose food we have eaten, and this is no exception. In some cases it’s  a letdown, and I wouldn’t want to go back. Not the case with René Redzepi. I’d go back in a heartbeat.

My Beautiful Broken Brain

Whoa. This is one of those things that you just can’t really fathom happening to you. What would it be like to have a stroke at age 34, and have to relearn words, how to identify things, read, write, and speak their names again? It’s like an Oliver Sacks book come to life in front of your eyes…

Code Black

Wow. Just wow. This is intense, and not for the squeamish.

But that does not mean that this doc is about shock value. Anything but. If you want to learn something about the way ERs – and emergency medicine in general – work, and the way our healthcare system in many ways does not work, this will be illuminating. Learn from the original, and the best.

The Wolfpack

Wow, what a weird family.

• Awesome props for their movie reenactments, made from cereal boxes etc.
• Where do they get all the clothes? They have suits and jackets and ties?
• It seems that movies are a good education.

And these kids seem amazingly well-adjusted; probably a lot of credit is due to their mother.

Of course they end up making their own movie – it looks pretty fun, actually (and who is the chick? where did they meet her? no explanation at all? wth?)

Do I Sound Gay?

Sort of a silly premise for a documentary, made rather interesting by the self-deprecating yet intelligent attitude of the narrator, who wants to change the way he speaks.

Which, yes, is stereotypically gay. What does that mean? Watch the film.