Guilty until proven innocent

Much as I hate labels, I’m sure that most people who know me would call me a liberal, if not a left-leaning libertarian. But even I can recognize liberal media bias when it is this glaring:

“One month ago today, Trayvon Martin was walking through a gated community in Florida with nothing more than an iced tea and a bag of skittles. But being a young black man in a hoodie made him “suspicious” to George Zimmerman, who got out of his SUV, tracked Trayvon down, and shot him dead.”

– Maria Roach

This is simply inflammatory and irresponsible. George Zimmerman may well have killed Trayvon Martin for reasons other than self-defense. It may have been a murder, and it may have been racially motivated. But whatever happened to due process? This is not like the Rodney King case, or dozens of others since then which, by virtue of having been captured on video, provided real, objective justification for outrage at the perpetrators of hate crimes. Zimmerman should face charges, and we should see what comes out at trial before throwing a rope over a tree branch.

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